YOW! Lambda Jam is a new conference for applied functional programmers. The Australian functional programming community is getting together for two days in Brisbane May 16-17, 2013 to share experiences, practices through intermediate and advanced talks, jams and workshops.

Come up to speed in Functional Programming by taking a full day professional development workshop on Clojure or Scala offered the days prior to the conference.

Clojure/core, the core development team behind Clojure, are bringing their 2 day "Introduction to Clojure" training course to Australia. Whether you are looking to start your functional programing journey or learn more about Clojure, make sure you reserve your seat now!

Functional Programming in Scala is a full day hands-on workshop presented by outstanding experienced FP experts and educators. Make the most effective use of Scala as it was designed to be used. Learn the productivity and clean design principles of functional programming. Tickets now available!

Purchase your tickets now! We are also offering a 20% discount when purchasing a Conference Pass and attending either the Scala or Clojure workshops.

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